Kingdom Writers is an innovative brand at the intersection of creativity, intellect, and worship.

Since 2015 we've been bringing people together all over Metro Atlanta - creating, loving, and growing. The essence of what we do is community and learning. It's about creative exploration and self development, finding empowerment and healing, making friends and meeting business partners. It's more than a label. Kingdom Writers is a home.

From the minds of a few Atlanta creatives came the idea to make a safe place for expression which breathes art and innovation. This is an ongoing project to push for new experiences and concepts that are engaging, fulfilling, and bring glory to Christ. This is a place to be you, tell your story, and sing your song. We know that the more we share and the more we listen, the wiser and better we become. Everything we do at Kingdom Writers is a direct reflection of faith. We recognize that we are God's creation, formed and shaped by none other. We're one family.

A challenge
to worship traditions
as an invitation to the
unlikely worshiper.

You can think of Kingdom Writers as a living library. Our collections of worshipful thoughts and expressions are housed within the minds and souls of the people in the Kingdom Writers community. United by a dedication to genuine worship, we are a network of skilled creative believers living less-than-ordinary lives around the city of Atlanta, GA.

Together, this network fuels an online blog with musings and worship. Together, this network mentors and is mentored by fellow creatives and spiritual leaders. Together, this community gathers and gives life to events and community service projects. But - more than anything, together, this network knows that “In the beginning was The Word” and “He is before all things and Him, all things are held together” “for He spoke, and it came to be.”