One bread, one body, one table - for all of us.

This gathering echoes the ideas of unity presented in 1 Corinthians 10:17 and we’re here to show you the love!
You’re invited to share in this dinner party filled with art, cross-cultural conversations, and of course, amazing food.

To add just a little more flavor to this special night, we’re bringing you industry insight
from ground shaking visionaries in our communities.


Scott Free

Scott Free is an evangelist and urban missionary using hip-hop in the inner city of Atlanta to reach this generation with the Gospel. Born and raised in Miami, FL he grew up in the world of hip-hop as a dj and artist. After having an encounter with Jesus in the year 2000, he made it his mission to transform the hip-hop culture he grew up in. In 2006, Scott founded “Freestyle Missions,” doing block parties and serving in the city’s jails, prisons, rehabs and homeless shelters. After several years, there grew a need to have a place for those who encountered Christ at outreach events. In 2010, Scott launched “City Takers,” which exists to “raise up urban missionaries who transform cities through hip-hop, love and Jesus.” City Takers hosts several outreach programs that continue to heavily serve outside the walls of the church, as well as a huge urban hip-hop church service, "The CityTakers Experience," pastored by Scott and a CHH radio show on 91.5FM in Atlanta. Scott Free has over 10 years of experience in urban ministry and believes in discipling people to have servant hearts and be ‘The Church’ 24/7 wherever God has placed them.

Few things in this world rival the power of a delectable, appetizing culinary experience.
In food, we find sustenance, pleasure, and a medium for fellowship - the very things we find in Jesus Christ, The Bread of Life.

The name The Creator’s Table is a play on words, referring to both the natural and spiritual nature of the gathering. Here’s a quick run down of the concepts that are speaking through our gathering:

  1. This is a table for the creators. We believe everyone has God-given creative energy, purposed for the glory of The Lord.

  2. This table is representative of the body of Christ. All are invited to join.

  3. This is a place where you can be fed spiritually, but also professionally.

This isn’t just our table. It’s The Creator’s Table.


Come Sit With us.

There’s room at the table for you