The Intersection is a Kingdom Writers staple. Occurring monthly, this intimate worship gathering serves as a platform for genuine, heart-to-heart communication. One artist is selected to present throughout the night, but we want to hear your story too! Through our live writing session, we encourage participants to share their writing, fresh from their pen to the microphone. 

At Kingdom Writers, we value the flow in the current, right now moments. We value improvisation, we value being, and being raw. That's what The Intersection is all about.


Meet Carlena Prophet

Carlena Prophet is an Atlanta-based singer-songwriter and worship leader. A native of Augusta, GA, her musical journey began at a young age as both a soloist and member of The Prophets, a gospel group formed by Carlena and her three sisters.

Known by her rich and soulful voice, Carlena is a multi-genre artist blending her sound with inspiring messages of faith, hope and love. She released her first CD project, The Mixstory, Vol. 1: Tales of Love in December of 2014.

She currently serves as a worship leader at Tribe Church Atlanta and travels for both ministry and community events. A sought-after vocalist, Carlena seeks to deliver life-driven songs built on a Christian perspective.”


We call this gathering the Intersection for a number of reasons.

1. It symbolizes the cross, upon which Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for our lives. His finished work allowed an intersection between God and man that we never had since the fall of man.

2. This is a social event! We want to see your life intersect with those around you in a healthy, beneficial way.

3. It is a reference to our tagline - "Creativity. Intellect. Worship." 


Meet us at the intersection!

All are welcome