It's about believers who are different, and desire to see something new.

KW is the product of misfits and mavericks longing to build themselves a home where everyone is invited.
In 2015 the souls of a few Atlanta creatives came together simply to find answers to one question:

"How can we glorify Jesus Christ in an original way - as a collective?"

There are many answers to this question, but what sparked is an innovative brand
at the intersection of creativity, intellect, and worship.
We call it Kingdom Writers.

"When I started Kingdom Writers, I didn't plan for a business, a conference, or an organization. I just felt the culture needed a refreshed heart of worship. Even with brand blossoming, our core operations remain the same. We give. We gather. We grow."

- Caleb J. Deas, KW Founder & CEO

We believe the successful journey for life fulfillment is the one that pursues Jesus. We’re here to help facilitate that voyage through community worship gatherings that spur imaginations, enlighten minds, and promote wellness.