Dear Lord,
You are our first love, our best love, our true love. There is nothing like You. We long for the day we see You face to face. Tonight, overwhelm us with your presence. Wipe away every tear, every blotch. Let our lives be the best fairy tale, a heavenly fairy tale inspired and written by You, The Word. Arise in a passion, give us a sword and make us knights. And let us not fight with blades that cause bloodshed. Let us fight with the blade of love that does not cause people to go to jail, but frees them from their prison of pain, hate, anger, suffering, and blues. Let us cause the world to love You. You are our best friend and our true beloved. May we please eat lunch with You tomorrow.

Those You Call the Apple of Your Eye

- Brandon Patterson


Sometimes I feel like a dying breed.
It seems as if few people believe that the Word of God is the Word of God. They bend the Word to their will rather than their will to the Word.
I can see hostilities growing toward people who take a stand on the Word. Everyone’s rights seem to be protected but the Christians.
I feel vulnerable in the world, but God has my back and I am not afraid.

- Pastor Marion Deas

"Chamoya's Journey"

They say you'll never become successful,

They say you'll never make it.

But who are they?

They are nothing, they are nobody.

God said I'll become successful,

God said I'll be happy one day,

And most importantly God said he will

ALWAYS Love me. What else do I need?

He thought I was worth saving,

So he died on the cross to save me from my sins. I'll devote the rest of my life to God.

I'll devote all the days I have left on this earth to praise and glorify his name.

Being a Christian taught me one thing and it is that I shouldn't listen to "they". I should always follow my heart, follow Christ and everything will be okay.

Because of Christ I am still alive today.

Because God loves me he is keeping me strong and sane. I'll never listen to "they" because during my walk with Christ, they were never there.

In love with Jesus. ✨🙏🏽💛

- Chamoya Wong