Afflatus is our annual, year-end artist showcase. We invite the humble and talented to display their God-given gifts in Kingdom Writers fashion! It's vendors, activities, quality performances, and all you need to celebrate a great year!

Be inspired!

Nexus (formerly known as The Intersection) is KW's iconic live writing session provides a safe space for expression, growth, and authentic connections.

Here you'll find compelling performances and transparent testimonies led from a single featured artist.

Be brave, and join the experience, as we craft the stories of our lives.

Friends, welcome home! Kingdom Writers invites you to our family dinner, The Creator's Table!

Link and learn over special performances and a one of a kind fine dining experience with the innovators and culture shifters of our day!

We believe amazing things happen when creatives, worshipers, and intellectuals gather in one space and give ink to eternal concepts.

We believe it so much that we spend long hours crafting these gatherings to be remarkable experiences with
unforgettable environments, intellectually challenging content, and purely artistic aesthetics.

When you’re focused on the eternal, you’re never pressured to compromise quality for what's trending.

Come see!