is a Kingdom Writers staple.

(formerly known as The Intersection)

This intimate worship gathering serves as a platform for genuine, heart-to-heart communication.

One artist is selected to present throughout the night, but we want to hear your story too! Through our live writing session, we encourage participants to share their writing, fresh from their pen to the microphone.

At Kingdom Writers, we value the flow in the current, right now moments. We value improvisation, we value being, and being raw. That's what Nexus is all about.

We call this gathering Nexus for 3 reasons.

1. It symbolizes the cross

Nexus symbolizes the cross upon which Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for our lives. His finished work allowed an intersection - a nexus between God and man that was lost since the fall of man.

2. It references our tagline

Nexus is a reference to our tagline - "Creativity. Intellect. Worship."

3. This is a social event!

Nexus is a social event! We want to see your life intersect with those around you in a healthy, beneficial way.